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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Surigao City

My hometown Loreto is at the northern tip of Dinagat Island. From Manila, we had to take a domestic flight to Surigao City then another 4 hour boat ride to Loreto cruising along the stretch of Dinagat Island. The weather can be harsh especially in June-July and November-December. Though it was mid November when we got there, the weather was really good except for the heavy rains in the morning. The sea was so calm. It was such a big concern for us because we didnt have time and we cannot afford to be stranded there for days. I know that nasty weather could even run for weeks there, no outbound and inbound trips. Oh no! we could be trapped there.

For more information about Surigao City check-out below link:

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The red arrow is the flight route and the blue arrow is the boat route.

on flight to Surigao City

Mayon volcano as seen from the plane

The town of Loreto (tip of dinagat Island) as seen from the plane.

Gibusong Island situated right across the town of Loreto.

approaching over Surigao City
Surigao City airport

The Philippine Airlines Express, flying to Surigao from Manila and back everyday. Check-out their website

Tavern Hotel service, free pick-up and drop-off of guests from and to the airport.

A glimpse of Surigao city

The Tavern Hotel . We chose this hotel due to its proximity to the city center and to the port where boats enroute to Loreto are docked. The hotel was under renovation. In my book, it is not a high standard neither a fancy hotel but it is reasonable. I would say the food is really good.

View from our hotel suite.

I so love this tricycle. The main public transport around the city of Surigao.

At the hotel lobby

Here's more of Surigao:


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